The knock is not as thundering as before. As she leaned forward, closer to the door, a soft trembling voice hit her ear.

“Manny! It’s me, Justin,” almost whispering – out of breath.

She started shivering.
Despite having an intense burning urge to set her eyes in his, her hands are colder than what the winter outside could bear.

She reaches the doorknob hesitantly.
Her heart is vigorously pounding with fear.
Fear of the imaginary look which has been made up regarding the man before her door.
Fear of the tremendous amount of responsibilities that she would have to carry once she sees him.

Drops of perspiration flow on her back. Somehow there is no other colour in her mind than red.Blood red.

Her frosty fingers are reaching the doorknob now. The amount of courage to turn it clockwise is almost equal to the amount of selfishness to put her hands back down.
But the involuntary tremor of her pale hands drives her to…
…unlock the door.

Rather than opening the door ajar, she peeks outside through a one inch opening.
Immediately, her jaw dropped to see how he is wrapped up by the coat of conspiracy, covered with snow of deception.

Manny is now brimming with anger. The door is swung wide open before she helped Justin in.
She sits close to him, the old man she once knew deeply.

“Manny,” he whispers her name.
“…am I a stranger to you?”

She looks into his eyes. Beyond the two eyelids, a reflection of misery and weariness were sharply defined.

‘Manny’ glances away, keeping her eyes closed. ‘Justin’ is too painful to look at.
Still enveloped in the warm, icy coat, he is desperate for a justification.

”HUMANITY, open your eyes and please answer me”, JUSTICE plead.




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