Tum Aur Mai

Jab mai suraj dekhu, mai tumko dekhu

Jab mai hava mehesus karu, tumko mehesus karu

Tumhara asmaani asmaan, mera shanti hai

Tumhara hara zamin, mera ghar hai

Barish key bad, satrangi ata hai

Raat key bad, din ata hai

Vo nishani saft hai, ham kyu nahi dekh sakte?

Krupiya hamare akhen khule rakhey

Krupiya hamare kan khule rahkey

Krupiya hamare dil saph rakhey



When I see the Sun, I see you

When I feel the wind, I feel you

Your blue sky is my peace

Your green grass is my home

After the rain, rainbow will appear

After the night, day will come

The signs are clear, why can’t we see?

Keep our eyes open, please

Keep our ears alert, please

Keep our heart clean, please


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