I know how you feel, and I’ll express it so you know its real

It’s as if…

The mountains are made for your shoulders to break

And the Sun is burning those chances that you take

You swallow the stones though you dam has been high

As the wind shrieks to you its painful lullaby

You hear no more chirps, the birds have flee

And thunders shut close all doors that you see

The pouring rain wash your all but shivers

“I love you” says none of the creatures.
But my dear friend do remember, that these days will be over. And things will change for the better

You’ll have wings that can lift the mountains

On every rays your name will be written

The stones shall guide you through a paradisaical trail

And serenade of winds will smoothen your sail

Chirps of birds revivifies your soul

The thunders are made for you to be bold

Descendance of rain is to embrace your heat

The world would stop just to hear you greet.
Believe me dear, I tell no lie. So wipe your tears and do not cry.

If by any chance it arrives a little late,  I’m a call away, let’s go for a date!


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