Goodbye To Goodbye

Was the colour of blue sky
From a can of Sun Rays paint
Creating breathtaking beauty

A gentle tempo
Of laughters and cries
Was what keeping us insane
As you keep me company

But today, beyond the ocean flow
In the desert of golden tile
Colours were washed plain
And the can was left empty

Trying not to show
Though knowing we’ll parted by mile
Yes, emotions were chained
And locked, and ignored hypocritically

Little pebbles we’re forced to swallow
As I crossed roads covering the Nile
God knows how we’re in pain
Wounded deeply, hurting terribly

Then for a second there, the tide is back low
Followed by a smile
And so I wipe off the silver stain
Imagining you’re holding me gently

Reminding ourselves of the word ‘Hello’
And telling goodbye to ‘Goodbye’
Saying a few ‘See you again’
Waving to the air, until no more you I can see


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