Cadaverous Wreck

You dislike me, I know u do. But you’ve no idea what I’ve been through.

Worse than this hurt you’ve given.

Never did I show no respect, despite carrying your knife behind my back.


I’m bleeding badly from your stab.


You pretended that I’m the dust that choke

your throat.

When the truth is, you never poke

me out

Neither did you soak

me in.


I’m the one who’s trapped.


The more i suffer,

The more you pretended you suffo-cate.

The more i bleed,

The more you breed-your-hate.


So yeah.

I’ve been here for quite awhile now

I’ll do you a favour, go ahead and take a bow

It’s my turn to write a note

Before your fetid, filthy throat.


You see, you’re a monster

Who breathes out fire.

And that fire is from anger beneath your soul

You act so cold

Telling you’ve no one to hold

Your hand

When things about to come to an end.


What a stupendous fable, let’s give it a clap!


I sympathise the shoes you’re in

Yes, the shoes. Not you or things in between.

Your arrogant step has thinned its sole

Your selfish act has made it foul

And not to forget

That extremely tight lace


Your perpetually scrunched-up face.


For you

I’ve swallowed bundle of tear & fear

Drained, drowned, drear

And everytime you push that knife deeper,

I convince myself that I was the killer

When you know for sure

That I was a chump,

The bin for your thump.


Hey listen up.

This is not an eruption of a bottled up feeling

Nor a revenge for my own killing

This is merely a scribble

To question a once dear friend

When she has nothing more to quibble


So how does it feel now to have scratched your scab?


I was supposed to die in your hands

Now look whose soul is as empty as a can?


Thanks for this gift. It’s a cadaverous wreck that I’ve unwrapped.

Speak Out


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