London’s Bridge

London Bridge
The city she’s living in
Has a trending game
The water is where the talents pour

She thought it’s just a smidge
When the piles are built to raise her chin
But it has caused a greater shame
Earth was broken, drilled to the core

Neither a boat nor a midge
Could pause her aim to win
So she has gained the world’s fame
Farther from the floor she tries to soar

London’s Bridge
She has changed from where she’s been
That is now her stage name
To her own self, she belongs no more

When she’s near to the flooding ditch
She will see her real twin
But there is no one to be blamed
As water reflects imperfection in sore

She looks at the natural ridge
From where her journey begin
Is still being quiet and tame
But smiling, in the company of the loyal shore

Dear London Bridge
Is no more seen
A history, she has became
Once a legend that we adore




Let’s pause and take a look around. The world is running fast! Running in the race of winning over money, love, fame. In this great race of life, we sometimes have to sacrifice our beginning, for the sake of the future. Yes, we sacrifice love, but sometimes it hurts those people around us. We sacrifice feelings, but sometimes it eats us up- transforming us into a different person.
Go, go ahead and win the race! But there’s only one simple law- never ‘lose’ yourself in order to win.


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