Awakened again I was by that sound
Of loud ‘fireworks’ so profound
Opened my eyes to see rubble around
But Ummi was yet nowhere to be found
Well, I’m used to it now

To the above BLUE sky I gaze
GOLDEN moon? I’m amazed
Following me with its shine
Am I it’s admirer or is it mine?

But when it’s shy and hide at times,
I’ve learnt that there is no crime
To let pitch BLACK be your teacher
Against fear towards the soldier

Look around to the unique architecture
And my bare playground like no other
Have you tasted my thirst quencher?
Ah, beauty BROWN was it’s colour

Small steps accompanied by helicopter
As it fly so close towards my school
The scenery before me I shall remember
Shallow but was RUBY RED pool

GREY clouds gradually dissapearing
As the striking ORANGE Sun rising
Let it burn, my skin darken
As it glow, my land lighten

If you’ve seen more of dark and bright
You’ll know the wrongs and which is right
The least I’ve learnt- one can’t hide
His purest WHITE or blackest heart

Flock If I wish to the farthest land
Erasing memory of rainbow’s line
But be it colour of different tan
I’ll paint it all with my Palelesstine.


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