To my family and friends:

If I am anything else in the world,
I’m a butterfly, I’ll show off my colours,
A superhero who possess, the greatest powers,
A shell with pearl one of a kind,
Or maybe a star with luminous shine..
A buzzing bee I am collecting honey,
The only millionaire, not for assets or money,
An artist who carved the strongest statue,
Probably mathematician, finding infinity value..

For you are the colours, you are my pride,
You’ve given me powers, the reason for my stride,
Our bond is my pearl, I’ll guard it thight,
In darkness it became my source of light..
This destiny’s the honey sweetest of all,
For it is the jewel enriching my soul,
The statue of memories shall b carved in my mind,
Infinity is my gratitude for the link has entwined.


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