Her Tears

The first thing I noticed was her two lovely eyes. I can’t tell what colour they are, but they’re crystals. Beautiful and clear. Now, let’s call her Amma, shall we?

Holding Amma’s hand from one station to another- BMI, BP- she was calm and revealed not a single health problem.

We proceeded to Blood Glucose station. To distract her from the lancet, I asked about her family. Luckily she understood Hindi. She has 5 children- 3 girls and 2 boys- all grown up, married and working. None of them lived with her. She doesn’t mention anything regarding her husband. I didn’t ask any further.

I stood by her side at GPE station and lastly, we sat down at the Consultation station. She had a conversation with the doctor in Marathi language regarding her backache. Towards the end, out of nowhere, Amma suddenly burst into tears.

Understanding Marathi had been a minus point for me, unfortunately. I rubbed her shoulder hoping it would somehow calm her down. As Dr. Shivani was writing down some prescriptions, I asked the reason for Amma’s tears.

“Her children have been away for awhile now and they’re rarely in touch. There are five of them. Nobody ever did what you do. She’s touched by that. ”

“But what did I do?”

“You held her hand throughout this process.”

I remembered only smiling to Dr. Shivani as a response to her explanation before bringing Amma to the waiting area. I spoke to Amma for awhile until she gets her Chai. We then queued for her medication and later, I sent her to the exit door. We bid goodbye.

It was a hectic day with so many patients in line that the incident passed as so- until I scrolled through this picture.

Initially, she’s just another PATIENT. Then, I learnt that she’s a MOTHER of 5. But on this day, she’s a TEACHER who taught me lessons to be cherished in different perspectives- a DAUGHTER, a MOTHER, a DOCTOR. Above all, Amma made me realise the magic of a gentle touch on the heart of a STRANGER.

Magic is unexpected. But it’s route is rarely complicated.



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