83 Years Beneath 10 Nights

Anybody who’s breathing this air of last 10 days of Ramadhan wouldn’t want to miss the chance chasing after Lailatul Qadr. Alhamdulillah, thank Allah for giving us the opportunity to be one of them!

Hmm..What’s Lailatul Qadr?
It’s the most significant night during Ramadhan. We can immediately tell how grand this night is by going through Surah Al-Qadr in the Quran. 

  • It’s also known as the Night of Power / Decree 
  • Holy Quran was sent down in this night. 
  • Angels descend in this night. 
  • This night is better than a thousand months. 

Imagine this; each good deed you do will be multiplied by 1000 months or 83 years! We never know whether or not we’ll live up to that age, yet we’re given the chance to receive that amount of reward. Subhanallah. 

Okay. Tell Me When??

Salim reported on the authority of his father that a person saw Lailat-ul- Qadr on the 27th (of Ramadan). Thereupon Allahโ€™s Apostle (๏ทบ) said:

I see that your dreams agree regarding the last ten (nights of Ramadan). So seek it on an odd number (of these ten nights).

[Sahih Muslim Book 13, Hadith 269]

Who’s Eligible To Receive This Reward?

Everybody! Doesn’t matter how big or small our deed is, how high or low our imaan is, this night is a special gift from Allah to the Ummat of Muhammad. 

For sisters who are having your period, fret not! Except for praying and reciting the Quran, everything else in the list below is doable for you too!

Nobody is excluded of the reward, keep that in mind. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Yes, Count Me In! How Do I Chase After it?

If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. When you spend the night prepared, you’ll be more satisfied. 

If not all, at least we should try to do most of it. After all, this is the 10nights worth staying up for. 

  • Cook for those who fasts
  • Give charity
  • Eat less (heavy tummy gives heavy eyes!)
  • Iโ€™tikaf in the Masjid. 
  • Pray Tahajjud
  • Recite the Quran
  • Understand the Quran. Read the translations and try to understand the meaning of each ayas. 
  • Revise the Suras you’ve memorized
  • Dhikr as much as you can. Ask for His forgiveness through istighfar because when he forgives, He’ll give. 
  • Make deep, long and sincere duas. It’ll be best if you could prepare a list of dua beforehand. 40 Rabbana Duas
  • Recite this Special Dua recommended by our Prophet:

I Wanna Know More!

Worship Plan for Lailatul Qadr

  • This link gives a complete itinery with suggestions of deeds that we should do if we were to stay up. 

Video: 4 Meanings of Lailatul Qadr
Video: 83 Years in 10 Hours

Video: To-Do List


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