We’ve added to history another chapter
On a mother’s laughter and a father’s shelter 

That’s found and made loss

By a troop of army’s applause
If you are right and these aren’t true,

One step forward we welcome you

In simple words, try to explain

Tell us can you feel the pain?
For those lives that’s gone shall gone forever

Their nature and future will come back never

In simple words, tell if you may

Did the babies stepped on have had their say? 
The world is watching- some clear some blurry

The world is asking- some loud some silently

In simple words, tell the truth

Does the cry gets louder or has it soothe?
Rapes, murder, bullets, fire

Violent destruction, everyone dire

In simple words, tell us your options

Is static an action to show satisfaction?
Are you trying your best to reduce the yelp? 

Have you lost control and needing help?

In simple words, let us know

Or are you choosing which hell to go?


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