A Thief in My Room

It had been a spectacular 5 weeks Paediatrics posting, that’s almost definite. Interesting cases, very cooperative cute little patients, extremely dedicated Einstein-level-genius-lecturers, and marvellous companies.

Everything was just so perfect. Almost.

Until he entered my room.

The thief.

I came home one day seeing my Ipad, Iphone, Laptop and purse….





Even that 10paise next to my fish, Musaikah doesn’t move a bit.

Nothing changed. Except for one. The most precious of all.

This thief came in very quietly, while I was inside the room and started his mission. Slowly taking bits by bits of my most treasured item.

It was already dark by the time I realised his presence. Swiftly, he ran away exactly at 10pm, my bedtime. Spooky, I know.

But there’s more, wait for it.

As the day passed by, I recognised 2 factors which contributed to his effectiveness.

While I was getting ready to freshen up one fine morning, he entered again exactly when I turned the pipe knob. But what difference has this morning got? Why this day? The shower. It poured out hot water.

Factor 1: Hot shower.

On another note, his presence was again noticed before an afternoon class. To my friend’s room on the first floor I went, to pack my lunch. When I came back home and began eating, he took some of my treasured item again!

Factor 2: Food.

And today, on the fifth week, I get to learn more and more of his skills and movements. Most importantly, I know now that he has got a name.

It starts with a P.


The thief of time.


Alright folks, it’s exam week again.

MCQs, MEQs, Short cases, long cases and OSCEs are peeking, calling and waiting over there. Right there, around the corner. See ’em? They’re staring back at you too.

Yup, you could’ve run towards them, grab them, boil and drink them since the very first week!

Alright, now. Don’t go anywhere near to complaining, but there’s always room for reflection instead.

No matter where you are, He’s watching your every move. It’s never too late when it comes to hard work.

Keep calm. With the right intention, your every action is ibadah. While the results? That’s rizq. And one’s rizq has only a controller- Allah.

On this one way street, for what that has lapsed, we can only wind down the window, turn our head, look back and wave them goodbye.

What you can definitely do now is to focus on the road in front of you and be patient while seeking knowledge.

Rasulullah SAW said:

No two things have been combined, better than knowledge and patience.

So Make dua, Focus, be patient.

And if you get the chance, drive faster to get away from procrastination.

Good news, you’re almost there!

Tips: Remember to pick up every tiny seconds and keep them in your pocket in case you need a pixie dust.

Rabbuna yusahhil!

how to stop procrastinating: https://youtu.be/Y82KNevhkkg


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