“Once I’m in, there’s no way outWork work work is the only answer”

That view’s so far from what it’s all about

There are much more of fun and bursts of laughters. 
“Why so serious?” Somebody said

“Its just my face, that I can’t change”

But oh darling, it slowly fades

I smile so hard, yes this is strange!
Though I’m the eldest, I learn from the youngest

Though I’ve experienced, I gained much more

They’ve brilliant thoughts and amazing ideas

It’s time to dig what else’s in store! 
To meet the deadlines, I forgot how to sleep

All night listening to my tummy’s music

But these are the memories that I’d like to keep

Which one’s the best? There’s no way I could pick!
Apart from those up up and away,

There surely were some down and under

Those lessons are meant to teach and stay

Without it I could’ve never created wonders. 
So thank you, yes you for being part of my journey 

Good luck my friend, there’s a split road ahead

As close as we are, we might not be

But these feelings you’ve given, I could never forget:)


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