Intimidating Alpha

She sets her standard
Not easily flattered

She aims for gold

Not your control

She hits her stride

And not your ride

She leads her way

She’s never your prey

Should she ever follow,

Never all she’ll swallow

She doesn’t take demands

She doesn’t tolerate commands

Ask from her with respect

She’ll correct the wreck to perfect

If in her you see

An intimidating personality,

Either she’s an alpha maiden

Or you just feel so threatened

You leave or you stay

She still achieves all her sway

‘An angel’, ‘a queen’

Or ‘nowhere in between’

She couldn’t care less

Coz your thought is a mess

Her plan is concrete

And you’re not in it

She’s a woman

Not an option

She’s a lady

Not your maybe


your dark side has been revealed,

No more guessing, it’s proven real.


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