The Heart and Itself

My heart aches

    • It’s disliking the dirt it’s in

      Despising the mask it’s on

      • It’s weakened by inferiority

        Exhausted from reaching superiority

        • It’s hurting by self doubt

          Torn by self proud

          • My heart is extremely aching

            • Trying to find

              Bits of goodness

              If there’s any left

              • Trying to unwind

                From any unkindness

                In every cleft

                • Trying to mind

                  To it’s own business

                  And build a new self

                  • But my heart is profusely bleeding

                    • Through Battling

                      By Hating

                      And killing

                      • It’s own self

                        “Oh Lord, make me feel content with what I have. Even when all I have is only You.”


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